Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Best time of the Year!

November - this is one of my favorite times of the year. Normally this season is called 'Fall' but living in the tropics I don't get to experience that season: no fall leaves, cooler nights, Friday night football games, or sweatshirt weather.

What I do get to experience this time of year is birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving festivities, and the anticipation of Christmas traditions. This is the time of year that teachers have settled into their classrooms, school is running smooth, and everyone seems to know what they are doing. By November, I have reacquainted myself with students and parents and there seems to be a sense of fit or belonging. It is also the time of year when rainy season is beginning, so the weather is cooler and everything seems to appear washed and clean around me.

Most of all, this time of year brings with it a sense of thankfulness and reflection. As I look over my last two months of being back in Indo there are so many things that I am thankful. Here are few of them...

  • God's sovereignty - coming back has brought a lot of new experiences and new situations. For a person that likes routine and tradition, this can be a bit unsettling. Yet, even though I don't know what tomorrow will bring, my Heavenly Father does, and I am learning again to trust in Him daily to work out all the details. 
  • my international family - being overseas during holidays and special events can be challenging at times. For me though, this time of year reminds me how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many people who love and support me. No matter where God's takes me, He has never left me without a sense of family. 
  • a job and life I love - being a principal has got to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. Most nights I come home exhausted. There is always a list of things to do and an inbox that never stays empty. Despite all of the struggles and difficulties though, I have come to love what I do. I love my crazy staff, my sometimes out of control students, and my many varied parents. I love that every day I go to work I have no idea what the day may bring. Most of all I love that I am doing something that will impact people both now and for eternity. 
Some other praises that I have for these past two month are...
  1. enrollment is up and new students are inquiring weekly. 
  2. just this past week 2 elementary students prayed to ask Jesus to be Lord of this life. 
  3. visits by the Department of Education have been successful, and we are moving forward with receiving permits for each of our school divisions. 
Some prayer requests are...
  1. Nov 24th, 25th, and 26th is our Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW). Pray for last minute details in planning and that God will work mightily among the staff and students during this time. 
  2. Pray for health - this year has started out with lots of illness in the staff including Dengue Fever, Typhoid Fever, and Ecoli. 
  3. Pray for details to finalize so we can start construction on a new swimming pool, soccer field and sports court for the school. 
  4. Pray for continued wisdom and grace as I continue to transition back both to school and to the community. 
  5. Pray for an ability to balance work, personal life, family, and time alone. 
  6. Pray for creativity and insight as we try to meet all the new educational requirements that the government has placed on our school in this last year. 
Finally, I am so thankful for each and everyone of you that walking through this journey with me and lifting me up with your prayers and your support. This time of year, where ever you are, I hope you too are enjoying God's Sovereignty, faithfulness, and provision.

Here are a few fun photos of highlights over these last 2 months:

Spirit Week - Dress as your favorite animal :)

Pajama Day for I Love to Read Month

The preschool class at their first sports assembly. 

Celebrating Fall during an Elementary Staff Meeting
Making smores tropics style.

My birthday gamefest and picnic

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